National Brain Injury Awareness Week

21st - 27th August, 2017

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Brain injury is defined as a loss of brain function that can be caused by accident, trauma, stroke, brain infection, drugs, alcohol or disease.

The term acquired brain injury (ABI) is used to describe all types of brain injury that occur after birth. The effects can be temporary or permanent and range from mild injury to very severe. Brain injury is often called the 'hidden' or 'invisible' disability because its effects are not easy to see and the person may outwardly appear to be unaffected.

The theme for 2017 is Brain Injury in the Military.

Brain injury is referred to as the ‘signature injury’ of the wars in the Middle East.

Brain injury among people in the military usually occurs as a result of trauma, including falls, motor vehicle accidents, close proximity to blasts, blunt trauma, or penetrating head wounds.

The occurrence of brain injury in the military has been recognised since World War I*, however, the wider and ongoing implications of
sustaining a brain injury are still in the process of being identified,
understood and acknowledged by society, both for military personnel and civilians.

National brain injury awareness week seeks to change this by giving brain injury a voice.

*Mott (1917). The microscopic examination of the brains of two men dead of commotio cerebri (shell shock) without visible external injury. Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps; 29: 662–677.

A Tasmanian Acquired Brain Injury Services (TABIS) Event

 Thursday 24th August 
Venue: Launceston RSL - 313 Wellington Street, South Launceston
Time: 10:30am - 2pm

The Event includes:

A short (30 minute) DVD titled: 'Fractured Minds', about four soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injuries learning to navigate the road to recovery.

Keynote Address:

  • Mark Lamont - Clinical Neuropsychologist     

  • Garry Bevan - Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Advocate

  • Craig Geashem - Founder of PTSD Dog Program

  • Adrian Radford - Department of Vetern Affairs (DVA) Advocate and PTSD Animal Therapy Trainer

A Q&A Session with Keynote Speakers

A light lunch

This event is open to members of the community, families, carers, consumers and community organisations.

Please RSVP to TABIS by 10th August
For bookings or further information
Ph Kim Ackerly on (03) 6326 2022 or 0412 120 046
or email


‘Ella’s Story’ is the first in a series of short videos by BIAT featuring Tasmanians who have been impacted by brain injury. Sixteen year old Ella and her mum Traci-Jean talk about their lives after Ella sustained a brain injury playing hockey 14 months ago.