ABI Identification Card

BIAT can provide an identification card to people with an acquired brain injury and/or epilepsy.

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About BIAT's ABI Identification Card

The card has a photo of the person on it and details the person’s name, address and phone number, their date of birth (optional), areas where the person may experience difficulty/difficulties i.e. speech, memory etc. and a nominated contact.

The ID card program is run in partnership wth Tasmania Police. The Tasmania Police Assistance Line phone number is included on the card and is usually only rung when the person’s nominated contact person cannot be reached.

How do I obtain an ID Card?

To obtain an ID Card, please print and complete the Application Form which can be downloaded below. Send the completed form, together with a recent photo to:

PO BOX 4580
Bathurst Street Post Office
Hobart, 7000

Your photo will be returned to you along with your ID Card. A copy of your ID card will be kept on file at our office. Should you lose or damage your card, a replacement card can be forwarded to you.

Download ABI Identification Card Application Form →