Brain Injury Assistance Card


BIAT can provide a Brain Injury Assistance Card to people with an acquired brain injury and/or epilepsy.

The card has a photo of the person on it and details the person’s name, their date of birth (optional), areas where the person may experience difficulty/difficulties i.e. speech, memory etc. and a nominated contact person.

The Assistance card program is run in partnership with Tasmania Police. The Police Assistance Line phone number is included on the card and is usually only rung when the person’s nominated contact person cannot be reached.

New National Brain Injury Assistance Card Service

The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania (BIAT) has received project funding to expand the Assistance Card to a National Card Service.

The New National Card Service will be available later in 2021.

front of abi cardrear of abi card

Purpose of the card

The Brain Injury Assistance Card provides people with brain injury with the confidence to go out into the community knowing that if they get into difficulty they can show the card and their identified problems can be accommodated and/or their nominated person can be contacted.

Why should I carry a card?

Having a brain injury can make it difficult to ask people for support.

Each card is personalised, helping you to explain the effects of your brain injury to others and request support.

Many effects of brain injury are hidden. The Assistance card can help other people to understand your brain injury.

The Assistance card can provide you with added confidence in everyday social situations.

If you need help, the Assistance card makes sure your needs can be easily identified, whether in social situations, or if you come into contact with police officers or other emergency services.

The Assistance card is designed to help police officers and other emergency services more easily identify people with brain injury and ensure that they receive an appropriate response and support.

Who is the card for? (I am not a member of BIAT?)

The card is available to anyone in Australia aged 18 years and over who has a verifiable brain injury.

You do not need to be a member of BIAT to apply for a Brain Injury Assistance card.

How do I obtain an Assistance Card?

To obtain a Brain Injury Assistance Card, please print and complete the Application Form which can be downloaded below. Send the completed form, together with a recent photo to:

The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania
PO BOX 4580
Bathurst Street Post Office
Hobart, 7000

A copy of your Assistance card will be kept on file at our office. Should you lose or damage your card, a replacement card can be forwarded to you.

Download Application Form →