It's a fact.

over 40% of people who sustain a brain injury in tasmania each year are aged between 14 and 24 years old.


Participate in or are exposed to high-risk activities?

Would benefit from gaining a greater awareness of the possible outcomes of those activities, particularly brain injury?

Would benefit from learning more about the brain and how it works?

Heads Up 2 Brain Injury (HU2BI) is a program for schools, that is targeted at senior high and secondary school students. Its goal is to influence the attitudes and behaviours of young people, in order to reduce their chances of sustaining a brain injury.

About HU2BI

Each HU2BI session is a learning opportunity for high school and secondary school students to learn about how the brain works and the causes, consequences, prevalence and permanency of acquired brain injury, or ABI.

Specifically to make young people more aware of issues such as the prevalence and causes of brain injury and challenges commonly held misconceptions associated with ABI in today’s society.


This program offers students the opportunity to see first-hand the effects brain injury can have on individuals, families, friends and the community.

Raising awareness of the potential outcomes of high-risk behaviour (such as binge drinking, assaults, drink driving, etc) provides HU2BI program participants with the knowledge to make informed choices when faced with decisions that could have a potentially negative impact on their life.


Young people are one of the age groups at increased risk of sustaining an ABI.

Through raising awareness of the causes and impact of brain injury, testimonial evidence indicates that many young people who have participated in the initiative avoid high-risk situations in the future.

In the HU2BI program, students will also consider the long-term impact of ABI through shared personal experiences from people living with, or affected by, brain injury.

Using this information, students will analyse their personal role in predicting the short, medium; and long-term consequences of decisions they may make. They will consider how their values and beliefs have been shaped over time and investigate and critically analyse strategies to promote resilience for themselves and others.

Students will challenge commonly held misconceptions associated with ABI in today's society and research, investigate and evaluate local and national strategies/campaigns that promote safety and harm minimisation.


Generally, the HU2BI program runs for around 90 minutes - but can be tailored to suit the needs of your school timetable.


The cost of each program is $100.00, and will be invoiced to the school after the completion of the program.

Program Features
  • A ‘revamped’ presentation about the brain, brain injury and its often devastating effects, presented for young people by a young person;

  • Interaction with students through discussion, different media and examples of brain injury in the community.

  • the involvement of people with the lived experience of brain injury, sharing with students how it happened and what the consequences have been for them.


Student and Teacher testimonials

"I think that everybody has changed a bit from what Dominic and Alf have said.”

Year 8 student, 2015

“Very gripping and emotional. All students payed attention”

High school teacher

“Relevant and engaging for the year level”

From teacher feedback form

The only cure is prevention and it [ABI] can happen in a second”

Student testimonial from feedback


BIAT are now taking bookings in 2016 for the HU2BI program.

To make a provisional booking, please launch our online booking for via the button below. After submitting the form, a representative will contact you to confirm times and dates or discuss further options.



For further information on the HU2BI program or for general enquiries, please contact:

Dominic Anastasio
Education Officer

Phone: 62 309 800