Community awareness and education

National Brain Injury Awareness Week

19th - 25th August 2019

Brain injury is defined as a loss of brain function that can be caused by accident, trauma, stroke, brain infection, drugs, alcohol or disease.

The term acquired brain injury (ABI) is used to describe all types of brain injury that occur after birth. The effects can be temporary or permanent and range from mild injury to very severe. Brain injury is often called the 'hidden' or 'invisible' disability because its effects are not easy to see and the person may outwardly appear to be unaffected.

National brain injury awareness week seeks to change this by giving brain injury a voice.

In 2018, BIAT worked with local video creator Domin8 Media (Domin8 Designs) to develop "Nick's Story". It's a short movie hearing from 2018 BIAT life member Nick Baily, where he shares his life with brain injury and his involvement with BIAT.

BIA Week Events in 2019

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Previously for BIA Week

BIA Week 2017

“During Brain Injury Awareness Week 2017 we introduced you to Ella, a young Tasmanian who has been impacted by brain injury. ‘Ella’s Story’ features sixteen year old Ella and her mum Traci-Jean who talk about their lives after Ella sustained a brain injury playing hockey in 2016.”