Belinda's Story: Community and Brain Injury

August 18, 2022

National Assistance Card

As part of Brain Injury Awareness Week 2022, Belinda shared her experience about the difference having a National Assistance Card has made to her life.

“First Card to run a marathon with a runner maybe?”

While not everyone will run a marathon with their National Assistance Card(!), many cardholders have told us they now feel more confident in their local community because of their Card.

Belinda explained: “Last time I went [to the marathon] I got lost in the race precinct, had to ask security for help, panic attack and tears meant I ended up starting about 40 minutes late. It really affected my confidence. I was so nervous this year about getting to the start line but because I had my National Assistance Card in my running bag, I had the confidence to do it.  

“Ever since I have had my National Assistance Card, I have a new-found freedom, independence and confidence.  

“I haven't had to use the Card but having it on me just in case has made such a difference; my husband doesn't stress out as much anymore knowing I have it on me.  

“I just wanted to share this with others because in the past I have had problems due to not being understood which have led to emergency services being called unnecessarily and being taken to hospital. My life has got better.”

Many thanks to Belinda for generously sharing her story.

The National Assistance Card

The National Assistance Card is a personalised card to assist people with disability and health conditions in the community.

The Card is available to all people in Australia living with brain injury.

In Tasmania the Card is being trialled with the autistic community (launching September 2022), and people with other disabilities and health conditions.


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