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This is the easy read version of the Brain Injury Association of Tasmania website.

About the Brain Injury Association of Tasmania.

The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania is often called B.I.A.T.

A brain injury happens when the brain is damaged. It can change how the brain works.

BIAT is for people with brain injury and their families in Tasmania.

BIAT can give you information about brain injury and help you get support and services.

BIAT works with providers to help people with brain injury get the support they need.

A provider is a person or organisation who can give you support and equipment to help with your needs.

BIAT can give you a brain injury identity card.

You can show this care to people if you need help when you are out.

BIAT listens to people with brain injury and their families to find what they need.

We talk to politicians about what people with brain injuries, and their families, need.

BIAT also teaches people about brain injury.

A brain injury can happen to anyone, at any time, and anywhere.  

About Brain Injury

Brain injury is called A.B.I for short.

A.B.I is an injury to the brain that happens after the person has been born.

There are many different causes of A.B.I. These include road crashes, falls, assaults and stroke.

Brain injury changes the way a person thinks, feels and behaves.

The effects of a brain injury are different for each person.

It can be temporary or permanent.

Temporary means for a limited amount of time, for example, days, weeks or months.

Permanent means for the rest of your life.

How BIAT can help

The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania, or B.I.A.T, can help you and your family to understand your brain injury.