2021 National Brain Injury Awareness Week

Brain Injury Awareness Week 2021 - 16-22 August

Welcome to Brain Injury Awareness Week 2021 - we're proud to launch our expression of interest campaign regarding our National Assistance Card.

The National Assistance Card will be available to all people in Australia living with brain injury later this year. The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania hopes that, in the future, the National Assistance Card will be available to all Australians living with disability and/or health conditions.

Supported by a comprehensive education campaign, the National Assistance Card will help people with brain injury to be more independent and to feel more confident in the community.

Each National Assistance Card is personalised and supports cardholders to communicate the impacts of their brain injury and/or any assistance they may require.  

People will also have the option of including a QR (quick response) code on their Card which, when scanned, allows the person scanning the card to view additional written and/or visual information.

WATCH: 2021 Brain Injury Awareness Week Tasmania - Launch Video
You can view BIAT's video below to hear from BIAT EO Deborah Byrne, Tasmania Police Inspector John Toohey and Cate Curwood, who lives with brain injury, who launch National Brain Injury Awareness Week 2021 in Tasmania.

People who are interested in applying for a National Assistance Card and/or would like more information can fill in an Expression of Interest Form on the National Assistance Card website: https://bit.ly/3AM1vYk

For more information regarding Brain Injury Awareness Week, click the links below:

2021 National Brain Injury Awareness Week News

Jonathan's story - never judge a book by its cover

August 19, 2021

Due to brain injury, Jonathan McCall was at a loss for words when he visited a Devonport pharmacy recently. What began as a triggering experience soon led to understanding – all thanks to the National Assistance Card.

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National Assistance Card Overview Video

August 17, 2021

Today we release our National Assistance Card Overview Video.

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Izzy's sewing in honour of uncle

August 2, 2021

In honour and memory of her uncle Brodie, who had an acquired brain injury as a result of a drowning incident, Izzy has been busy making scrunchies and masks since December 2018.

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Previously for Brain Injury Awareness Week

BIA Week 2020

website banner with two ladies talking

In 2020 BIAT highlighted the reach and impact of brain injury across the community. Events spanned from Ulverstone to Huonville and focused on a range of issues including family support and female concussion. With an estimated 2.2% of Tasmanians living with brain injury the week served to remind people that brain injury can, and does, happen to Anyone, Anywhere at Any time.

The 2020 launch video featured:

  • BIAT Project Officer, Robyn McWaldron launching BIAT’s Brain Injury Peer Support Program Resources, including a screening of the Peer Support Program video. These resources form part of BIAT’s recently completed NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Project: Rethinking Brain Injury;
  • BIAT Executive Officer, Deborah Byrne detailing BIAT’s Brain Injury Awareness Week 2020 program of events including: an online Q and A session with retired clinical neuropsychologist, Mark Lamont; the lived experience of sporting concussion from the perspective of two young Tasmanian women; the BIAT brain injury prevention component of the 2020 Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program; and an 11 year old Tasmanian’s ongoing fundraising efforts for BIAT in the community.

2020 Online Video Premiere | 'Holly's Story' | Find out more here

2020 Online Video Premiere | 'Izzy and the real life impacts of concussion' | Find out more here

2020 Online article | Raising brain injury awareness and funds for BIAT with Izzy from Scrunch_Iz | Read here

2020 Online Event | Q & A session with Mark Lamont
Mark has over 25 years’ experience in working with people impacted by brain injury and answered questions and shared his insights into supporting people to move forward. With a focus on: neuroplasticity – retraining the brain to learn, concentration/motivation, and behavioural management.
You can watch the video below and read the Q&A response notes here

Previously for Brain Injury Awareness Week

BIA Week 2018

In 2018, BIAT worked with local video creator Domin8 Media Videography Hobart to develop "Nick's Story". A short movie hearing from 2018 BIAT life member Nick Baily, where he shares his life with brain injury and his involvement with BIAT.

BIA Week 2017

During Brain Injury Awareness Week 2017 we introduced you to Ella, a young Tasmanian who has been impacted by brain injury. ‘Ella’s Story’ features sixteen year old Ella and her mum Traci-Jean who talk about their lives after Ella sustained a brain injury playing hockey in 2016.