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Help and information for organisations and students

It is estimated that 2,500 Tasmanians sustain a brain injury every year. Given the prevalence of brain injury in the community, most organisations will have clients or employees with brain injury.

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Provide you with information about supporting someone with a brain injury

While the Brain Injury Association of Tasmania is no longer funded as a brain injury information and referral service - we can still advise organisations/services supporting people living with or impacted by brain injury on where they can access this information.  

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Brain Injury Training

BIAT offers Professional Brain Injury Training programs and information sessions that are designed to increase an organisations capacity to support and work with people with brain injury.

Brain injury training is particularly recommended for service providers whose client base is at high risk of brain injury, this includes sectors for: mental health, disability, family violence, child safety, all stages of the criminal justice system, alcohol and other drugs, housing, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services.

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Online Resources

BIAT can provide your organisation with a range of different online and physical brain injury resources. The following key resources may be beneficial for organisations who support or work with people with brain injury:

Understanding and Living with Brain Injury (BIAT)
ABI (acquired brain injury) The Facts (Synapse)
A Guide To Staying Safe Online

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Would you like further assistance or information on brain injury?

Contact us - The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania (BIAT).

BIAT not only provides information for individuals, but also for family members, carers, service providers and the community in general, who are impacted by brain injury.

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