JustACE Program

About the JustACE Program

A collaboration between The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania and Wellways Australia, the JustACE Program provides a service to adult offenders with cognitive impairment in Tasmania’s criminal justice system.

The JustACE Program offers

  • Consultation - Meet with JustACE staff to find out how cognitive impairment could be impacting your day to day life and your offending.
  • Brain Training - Learn strategies to improve brain function for day to day living and help you meet justice service requirements.
  • Case Management - Work with you to build support networks, prepare for court or reintegration, and coordinate with other services.

The JustACE Program aims to:

Justice - Help you better understand the Justice system and comply with orders.

Advocacy - Support you to advocate for your rights and needs.

Connection - Work with you to build networks of connection and support.

Empowerment - Assist you to live a meaningful and safe life.

The JustACE Program is funded by The Australian Government Department of Social Services.

Should you wish to learn more about the program, email: info@justace.com.au

What is cognitive impairment?

‘Cognitive impairment’ refers to changes in the brain that can affect a person's mental processes or thinking ability, communication, emotions and behaviours.

Cognitive impairment can cause difficulties with:

  • Thinking
  • Communication
  • Emotions
  • Behaviour

Causes of cognitive impairment

  • Brain injury (accidents, assaults, falls)
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders (autism, ADHD, intellectual disability)
  • Heavy long term substance use (alcohol, drugs)
  • Lack of oxygen to the brain (strangulation, overdose)
  • Neurodegenerative diseases (Dementias, Huntington's, etc.)