Help with brain injury in Tasmania

Who BIAT can help:

The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania (BIAT) can assist a range of individuals and organisations who are impacted by brain injury. This includes people who are living with brain injury, caring for people with brain injury, and people who require more information about brain injury.  

Please note: The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania (BIAT) is not a direct service provider and does not employ medical professionals.

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Individuals with or affected by ABI

If you have, or think you have, a brain injury - BIAT can help by providing information or a Brain Injury Assistance Card.

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Family members and carers

BIAT also provides a range of services and help for family members and carers who may be impacted by brain injury, including our Peer Support Program.

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Organisation and students

BIAT can assist organisations and students looking for further information about brain injury through information sessions, online resources and links.

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Would you like further assistance or information on brain injury?

You can contact the Brain Injury Association of Tasmania if you need assistance with, or more information on, acquired brain injury.

BIAT not only provides information for individuals, but also for family members, carers, service providers and the community in general, who are impacted by brain injury.

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