2020 Brain Injury Training

About the Brain Injury Training - We've gone online!


This online training is for anyone working with people living with brain injury. It is a 'not to be missed' opportunity to further develop skills and knowledge in supporting people impacted by brain injury.

3 x 2 hour sessions, one session per week for 3 weeks.

The training will be delivered over three weeks, online via Zoom webinar, as a package of three sessions.


Sue Sloan is an AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) registered clinical neuropsychologist and occupational therapist who has worked in brain injury rehabilitation for over 40 years. Sue's particular interest is assisting people with brain injury who display cognitive impairments and challenging behaviours, to build their independence and community participation.

Session 1 - Introduction to Brain Injury

This presentation focuses on brain anatomy and how the functions of the brain are organised. Specific cognitive and behavioural changes following Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) will be explained. The presentation also explores the impact of ABI on the person and their life, as well as that of their family and explain how recovery occurs. We will also look closely at the loss of independence and life roles experienced for the person, and how a situation might snowball and outcomes for the person worsen over time. The role of the support worker is also addressed, with a particular emphasis placed on the key elements of effective support, highlighting the importance of establishing a good working relationship.

Session 2 - Cognitive Changes/Executive Function

Cognitive impairments after ABI are common, and particularly impact memory and higher-level abilities such as planning and reasoning. These cognitive difficulties will be explained but the main focus of this presentation will be the strategies we can employ to effectively support the person with ABI. Routines, schedules, scripts, whiteboards, photos and other aids will be discussed as well as the importance of consistency of our approach in helping people learn skills. Further, ideas for supporting people with cognitive difficulties to adjust to their disability and reintegrate into key life roles will be presented.

Session 3 - Understanding Behaviours of Concern

This presentation focuses on behaviour change after ABI. It commences by defining challenging behaviour / behaviours of concern and considers why the presence of challenging behaviour is a key reason for poor long-term outcomes. It will also introduce and discuss the importance of documenting a Positive Behaviour Support Plan. The ABC model will be explained. Firstly, looking at the ‘A’ in the ABC model (i.e. antecedents), we will focus on the importance of both background factors and triggers. We will consider why antecedents are so important in understanding behaviours and how antecedents can be proactively changed to prompt adaptive replacement behaviours. We will then explore the function of challenging behaviour after ABI by considering the ‘C’ in the ABC model. We will discuss how through logical and natural consequences we can shape replacement behaviours and reduce incidents of challenging behaviour.

Event Details


Dates: Mondays - 5th, 12th & 19th of October 2020

Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm


Dates: Wednesdays - 7th, 14th & 21st of October 2020

Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pm

NB: Session times are not interchangeable.

Training Costs

The cost is $200 + GST per person for the series of 3 sessions.


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