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Discover the Employ Me Project: an initiative supporting people living with brain injury in their employment journey using a unique methodology, personal development tools, and success stories.


The Employ Me Project is dedicated to supporting individuals with brain injuries in their employment journey.

Utilising a unique 10-step methodology, the project focuses on helping participants develop the confidence and capacity needed to gain employment, engage in volunteering, or pursue further educational opportunities.

What’s Involved in Employ Me

Getting Started

Participants may learn about Employ Me through various channels, including Disability Employment Services, Allied Health Professionals, or direct contact with our team.

The initial step involves introductions and a detailed discussion about the project's offerings and commitments. Participants are given time to consider their involvement before committing to the program.

Once involved, participants work through a series of Workbooks in one-on-one meetings with project staff.

These sessions are designed to help reflect on personal interests, strengths, values, goals, and support needs, gradually building towards a Personal Profile document.

This document is essential for creating a 4-6 minute professionally produced 'About Me' video.

About Me Videos

These videos serve as dynamic and personal representations of the participants, going beyond traditional resumes.

They can be used in job applications, shared with employers, family, friends, support workers, or even kept for personal reflection and progress tracking.

The videos offer a versatile tool that can help communicate a participants needs and lets an employer know how best to support them - however, a participant may also choose to share your video with family, friends or support workers so they better understand their needs.

Program Manager Bill Fulton also said "Some people have kept their video to themselves, checking back to see progress over their rehabilitation journey, or shared them when meeting their NDIS plan manager. There are heaps of possibilities!"

main in glasses and green top sits working through workbook

Project Update

The first half of 2024 marked the completion of the project's initial stage, involving co-designing the Employ Me package with brain injury survivors. The package now includes updated workbooks, card packs, questionnaires, and info guides, available as editable PDFs.

The project's second stage focuses on delivering the program to a broader audience, prioritising adults with brain injuries in Tasmania and South Australia, and young people with disabilities in Tasmania. We are also exploring the program's applicability to other disability groups, including autistic individuals.

Partnerships and Community Reach

Our partnerships with Allied Health Providers and Disability Employment Service Providers in Tasmania have been crucial in extending our reach, especially in rural areas. We continue to seek individuals with brain injuries in remote locations for collaboration.

A recent participant's experience is highlighted, showcasing the filming of "B-roll" footage in locations significant to them, adding a personalised touch to their 'About Me' video.

Participation Details

Participation in Employ Me typically requires 8-10 hours, varying based on individual needs. The project has recently incorporated online elements, like using Zoom for initial stages, followed by in-person video recording. The process concludes with video review and planning for actionable next steps towards employment and personal goals.

Past participants have reported various positive outcomes, including increased confidence in job interviews, successful employment, improved communication with NDIS plan managers, heightened motivation, and a reinforced ability to set and achieve goals.

How to Get Involved

For more information, sample videos, and previews of project resources, visit Contact Employ Me project manager Bill Fulton at for inquiries or applications.

Employ Me is a free service funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, available to people living with brain injury and other disabilities across all regions of Tasmania, and through our project partners in South Australia and the Association for Children with Disability (Tasmania).

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