BIAT pleased to share 2024 Planner: Supporting Daily Organisation and Wellbeing

April 3, 2024


The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania (BIAT) is proud to share the recent launch of their 2024 Planner- designed with and for people with brain injury or cognitive impairment, who are also involved with the criminal justice system.

This 'Run Project' initiative,  funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS) Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grant program,  is part of BIAT's commitment to delivering practical support and resources that enhance life skills, independence and quality of life for people experiencing cognitive impairments.

The 2024 Planner was developed in collaboration with residents of Bethlehem House who have lived experience of cognitive impairment and the justice system. The inclusive design process guarantees that the Planner is not only a practical resource to support organising and planning but also resonates with the daily experiences of the people it aims to assist.

Bethlehem House is a 24-hour service for people experiencing homelessness. BIAT has recently conducted a series of Run Project activities with Bethlehem House, aimed at building a voice for people with lived experience of cognitive impairment and the criminal justice system. 

Planner Features

To aid its users in effectively managing their daily lives, the planner includes a variety of features including:

  • Planning Aids: Helps in organising daily tasks and planning future goals and activities.
  • Weekly Self-Care Checklists: Encourages regular self-care activities to support overall health.
  • Monthly Budgeting Tools: Designed to facilitate financial management.
  • Strategies: Offers practical tips for living well with cognitive impairment.
  • Resources: Provides information on managing substance use triggers, anger management, relaxation tips to reduce stress and more.
  • Contact List: Provides a list and the contact details for useful services, for example, Legal Aid and space for people to include their own contacts.

The distribution of the 2024 Planner extends to Bethlehem House residents, JustACE program participants, and people returning to the community from a prison sentence, with their feedback informing the design of a 2025 edition.

The input of BIAT's Hobart, Launceston and Ulverstone Peer Support Group members will also be sought regarding the development of a similar planner for 2025 which will benefit people living with brain injury not involved in the criminal justice system.  

BIAT remains dedicated to supporting the brain injury community through education, advocacy, and the provision of effective resources. With the Planner a significant step towards enhancing daily organisation and promoting well-being among its users, BIAT is optimistic about the positive impact the 2024 Planner will have.

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