BIAT Enhances UTAS Understanding TBI MOOC Through Further Insights

June 26, 2024


BIAT has recently collaborated with the University of Tasmania to enhance the Understanding TBI Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with new, in-depth content.

The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania (BIAT) has recently collaborated with the University of Tasmania to enhance the content of the Understanding TBI Massive Open Online Course (or MOOC).

The MOOC is an education platform about TBIs (neuroscience, rehabilitation, psychological changes etc) and uses lived experience perspectives.

The collaboration between BIAT and UTAS involved two filming sessions featuring three participants: two individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury and one dedicated family member.

These interview-style sessions provided a platform for the participants to share their personal experiences of brain injury.

Individuals discussed how they sustained their injury, the impact on the injury on their daily lives, and the ongoing challenges they face. The family member offered a unique perspective, detailing the rehabilitation process and the experience of caring for someone with a brain injury, and how this journey has impacted their relationship.

The videography work helps share not only insight from people living with TBI, but also a family member and carer.

The MOOC has over 65,000 people from 145 countries  enrolled in the past 6 iterations and is a 5 week fully online free course that offers 10 hours of content for individuals to learn more about TBI.

Previously, the MOOC utilised a series of short, story-style videos developed by BIAT.

Now, by teaming up to create more in-depth and tailored content, BIAT and the University of Tasmania aim to provide a richer, more comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted aspects of brain injury.

These new insights will help to further educate and inform participants of the MOOC, fostering a greater awareness of the realities of living with and supporting people with TBI.

This opportunity to capture and share these detailed personal stories underscores BIAT's commitment to supporting individuals with brain injury in Tasmania as well as the people who support them including family members, carers and providers.

Footage captured in the recent sessions will be used as a part of the MOOC as well as by BIAT.

Through education, advocacy, and community engagement, BIAT continues to work towards a better understanding of brain injury within the community.

Stay tuned for further updates on the video content, including its use in the MOOC as well as some short videos produced specifically for BIAT.

We thank Paul, Charlene and Nick for their involvement in the project.

Nick "Rats" shares his story and insights on living with a traumatic brain injury.

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