2015 Discussion Panel

On the 3rd November, the Brain Injury Association of Tasmania held a discussion panel focusing on "the intersection between brain injury and family violence".

In line with it's community awareness raising aspirations, BIAT is pleased to share some recordings of the panel:

Video 1 - Introduction

An introduction of the Panel members, who talk about their interests around brain injury and family violence.

Video 2 - Can brain injury predispose violent acts?

Video Two. Panel members discuss the question, "is it a plausible hypothesis that brain injury can predispose some people to commit violent acts. Does brain injury increase the propensity to commit family violence?"

Video 3 - Screening for brain injury

Panel members discuss the second question of the evening, "despite the increased likelihood that a family violence survivor has a history of brain injury, why is it not standard practice for shelters to screen for brain injury?"

Video 4 - Brain injury, women and violent relationships

Panel members discuss the third question of the evening, "what role does brain injury play in the inability for some women to leave violent relationships?"

Video 5 - Children, brain injury and family violence

Panel members discuss the fourth question of the evening, "why are there no meaningful estimates of the number of children with brain injury caused by family violence?"